Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve done a lot of meditation classes, how is this different?2019-04-12T15:12:40-04:00

These intuitive meditation tools are active, creative, and highly experiential, allowing the individual to engage more effectively in the world. Specifically applicable both professionally and personally, they are designed to assist the individual in finding their own answers, and healing themselves. This type of grounded meditation seeks to engage the mind and soul in addition to quieting the mind.

How do I sign up for upcoming courses?2024-01-19T10:38:47-05:00

Check the course you’re interested in to see if a date is scheduled.

If the course is open, there will be a registration link on the course page.

How do I pay for my course?2024-01-18T10:11:09-05:00

Each course has a link to register online while that course is being offered. Some courses are currently closed to new enrollment and may not have a registration link. For alternative payment methods or questions contact Gwyneth directly via email.

What happens if I miss a class?2019-04-12T15:20:45-04:00

You will receive an audio download, via email, of every class you are enrolled in.

Can I schedule a private one-hour Private Intuitive Reading?2024-01-19T12:58:04-05:00

Yes, appointments are available by selecting an available date online to schedule a session. Private intuitive sessions are by phone, or on Zoom by request. A private intuitive session is 1 hour long and can be either an intuitive reading in your area of interest, or an intuitive tools session tailored for you.

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