Intuitive Awareness Tools for Inner Guidance, Healing, and Joy

Intuitive Awareness Tools for Inner Guidance, Healing, and Joy

7 Class Series on Zoom

Reawaken and experience the ability you’ve always had: Your Intuition.

You can use Intuitive Tools anytime, anywhere to navigate the non-stop complexities of the world and stay joyfully on track with your unique purposes in harmony with self-care. Intuitive Tools help you consciously access your powerful inner guidance, heal past experiences, and be grounded during your busy day.

Your intuition opens your access to valuable inner resources such as high levels of creativity, clear communication, aligned decision-making, and self-knowledge. Conscious intuitive awareness brings clarity with your next steps, and streamlines your time and energy.

Tuning into your intuitive awareness supports you to be present and have greater neutrality, insight and collaboration in your personal and professional life.

Intuitive Tools help you cultivate your sense of humor during each step of your multitasking day, bringing adaptability and wellbeing to your daily life.

In this 4-class series on zoom taught through creative visualization, you’ll practice simple Intuitive Tools to use anytime, anywhere so you can:

  • Experience your intuition as a conscious communication tool for tuning into your inner guidance in the midst of your busy day, accessing clear decision-making, self-care, new creative solutions, and organizational flow.

  • Reconnect with your personal power to create more harmony, maintain your sense of humor, and experience more presence.

  • Set your positive intention for the day using simple energy tools.

  • Find more joy, and experience being grounded in each moment of your day.

  • Create healthier relationships with clearer communication and more neutrality, so you have more dynamic and successful outcomes.

  • Leave work energized and make the daily transition from your workplace to family or friends with greater ease.

  • Heal and release past experiences, stress, or areas where you get emotionally triggered.

This class meets on Zoom.

Teacher: Gwyneth Flack, MA.

Enrollment: Open to all

Time: 6:00-7:00 PM EST Mondays and Tuesdays
Each class is 1 Hour

May 7, 2024
May 14, 2024
May 28, 2024
June 4, 2024
July 15, 2024
July 22, 2024
July 29, 2024

Class tuition: $300
$30 discount ($270) if you pay in full by May 1

Tuition includes: all classes (7 hours class-time) and an audio download of each class in case you miss one, and to practice through relistening.

Each of these seven classes builds on the next class.

Registered students will receive a $35 discount on 1-hour private intuitive sessions with Gwyneth while they are enrolled in this course!

Questions? Email Gwyneth

This series is ideal for anyone seeking self-healing tools that increase your intuitive abilities. Many mental health professionals, parents, health care professionals, holistic health practitioners, teachers and educators, business owners, artists, managers, and college students (to name a few) have benefited from this class in their work and personal lives.


Reconnect to your intuition.
Embrace life. Manifest joy.