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I love this book! I was really struck by the content. I have read so many books on the importance of energy and intuition, but none of them come close to this book when it comes to inspiring me to take the steps to actually incorporating these concepts into my life. There are so many great nuggets of wisdom that readers can implement in an instant. Gwyneth has a way to explain some abstract concepts in a very concrete way. It’s a gift and her book is a way to share it with the world.

I’m in love with this book. It’s so easy and fun to read (and Gwyneth, you are SO hilarious!). And it really describes concepts in a way that people totally unfamiliar with them will be able to easily get them. This book really does provide a great bridge for people to bring a more intuitive way of being into their daily lives! This book completely hits a home run! I learned a ton from it and plan to return to it again and again.

Your book landed in my life at the absolute right time for me personally, and it’s just a divine example of how the universe supports us. I think what makes your book so powerful is that you’re writing from a place of truth and honesty. For people aware of their intuition or who have heard it speak but don’t know what it is, your book creates a road map for them to discover that integral part of themselves. For others who are already more attuned to their inner voice, your book bolsters their confidence in accessing and relying on that part of their being. It’s so empowering, and the fact that you include detailed explanations and examples really drives it all home. Yours is a book that I think everyone should read… absolutely nothing but good comes from greater intuitive awareness. You do an exceptional job of taking an abstract concept, intuition, and describing it in tangible terms while also teaching readers how to connect with their intuitive state. I felt a noticeable shift in my inner state and overall vibration when I implemented the practices. I’ll be honest, the sensation of coming into that awareness was as physical as it was spiritual (it was like discovering latent superpowers). The stories are familiar, approachable, and entertaining. I had many personal epiphanies thanks to the stories and the ideas to which they related.

A lot of my spirituality has been in thinking and I’ve never found a path of using visualizations and considering my energy states as ways to progress in clearing up unwanted beliefs or even just smoothing out the process of life. Until now! All the while during reading this book I had a silent head nod thinking ‘yes this is so true’ and I’ve got some real areas to use this in daily life. Super helpful! Exercises were really good and I felt much better instantly doing it!

I love this book! I think it’s absolutely fantastic. I haven’t ever seen or heard of a book specifically addressing what is one of the greatest hurdles most people who wish to develop their intuitive awareness and abilities who are also intellectually capable have to get over. This book helps people to take the “leap of faith” beyond their intellects in order to gain certainty in Spirit and have their intuitive and higher creative abilities all working together. The time is here for many souls to experience that transformation, and I’m so delighted Gwyneth wrote this book!
Michael Tamura, Internationally Renowned Spiritual Teacher and Author of You Are the Answer

by Gwyneth R Flack, M.A.

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