I love asking questions.

Questions can bring us deeper into our limitless awareness, they can promote heart-to-heart communication, or they can keep us skirting along the surface. Some kinds of questions spiral us into overthinking!

Insightful questions addressed to ourselves can bring us authentic answers that validate our inner guidance, engaging joyful growth and spiritual freedom.

In our everyday life, it can be an illuminating practice to notice the difference between asking a question that enhances our positive growth, self-discovery and intuitive knowing, and asking a question that belongs to someone, something, or somewhere else. In our families, society, professions, and educational systems, we get plenty of practice asking questions that are not our own. These questions are extremely valuable too, and serve many purposes.

In a given day it can be beneficial to ask yourself: Am I seeking intellectual knowledge or intuitive knowledge in this moment? In the course of a day there is plenty of room for both. But without recognizing the difference in the energy and intention, your search for answers can get subtly jumbled.

Asking questions that are aligned and specific for what you are intuitively seeking brings you spiritual expansion, valuable next steps, and delightful transformation.

Let’s say you’re having a rough day or feeling a bit down on yourself. You might ask:

What am I not fully seeing that I can appreciate that’s right in front of me?

Say it out loud, and let yourself be grounded in the energy of appreciation.

You might be looking at your dog or friend and you suddenly experience a deeper recognition of their beautiful consciousness, or you tune into nature or your child with new awareness.

Perhaps you become aware of a new quality within yourself that’s quietly blossoming as a result of your simple question, addressed to the infinite you! There are infinite possibilities to see.

Or how about looking in the mirror? And appreciating yourself. Exactly as you are.

by Gwyneth R Flack, M.A.

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